Bruce Gilden, Queens NYC
Charles “Teenie” Harris, Boy school crossing guard holding back group of children
Sebastien Nogier, Nice, France 2014
Paolo Gasparini, Caracas y su arquitectura, 1967-68
Franca Rame in Cannes, 1957
Chandler Abraham - Benin
Saul Leiter, Hat, 1950 ca
What a great candid!
Garry Winograd - Coney Island 1952 ca
Jasmine Rose
Jamaican kids, unidentified photographer

-Local bus .Port-au-Prince.54’
Couple tanning, England 1930s, photographer unknown
Fatoumata Diabaté
Cecil Skotnes Mhlangane Stabs Shaka; Shaka Sworn In Head of the Zulu Clan, 1973
Q: Belle foto veramente, complimenti!!!


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