Ella Fitzgerald performing at Mr. Kelly’s nightclub, 1958.
Gabor Szilasi - Nun at the Dorval 1959
Issei Suda - Theater of the Everyday
Kathy Ryan - Romance at the office, NYC 2014
Omar Victor Diop
Napoli, today. What a beauty <3
Marten Persiel - This Ain’t California
I know nothing about this picture, except that it was taken in the deep South of the US. I like to think that this couple had been together for a long time and kept being happy together for more years.
Shirley Baker - Young boys play cricket in the street in Manchester, 1964.
Mory Bamba - Kadiolo cercle, Zegoua, 1980
Erik Oseto - Yokohama Bay in Oahu, Hawaii in July 2013
Russell K. Frederick - Brooklyn, NY
Myself in Marseille last year.
For the sake of narcissism.
Maybe I posted this picture by Charles Teenie Harris in the past but it’s worth sharing again. It’s way too fun to keep for myself!
Sam Nhlengethwa - “Life, Jazz and Lots of Other Things”