Katharine Cooper - White Africans series
Pablo Delano, Madame Lorraines, 2014
Grace Jones
In memory of a giant.
Didier Cozin
Michael Zumstein - Man smoking a cigarette in Liberia
Wiliam Eugene Smith, Country Doctor, Colorado 1948
Ulrik Tofte - The Key is not to Blink series
Dries Mertens
Alfred Weidinger, Family portrait, Benin
Vivian Meier
Philippe Koudjina, Portrait de Famille 1970
Constantine Manos, American color, 1995
Charles Traub, Lunch time

Rwanda genocide victim now friends with the man who killed her child, cut off her hand

She lost her baby daughter and her right hand to a manic killing spree. He wielded the machete that took both.
Yet today, despite coming from opposite sides of an unspeakable shared past, Alice Mukarurinda and Emmanuel Ndayisaba are friends. She is the treasurer and he the vice president of a group that builds simple brick houses for genocide survivors. They live near each other and shop at the same market.
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